Traditional Italian dessert made with coffee, cream cheese, liquor and cocoa. A great way to end a meal. There are several variations to this recipe, every family puts their own twist on it....my mum's is the best of course!
We are happy to vary the size of the dessert depending on your number of guests or we can make mini portions for parties and events.
Delicious ice cold straight from the fridge or served at room temperature. Prices on request.

Another box of treats

Large Vanilla Cupcakes with a delicious chocolate topping inspired by Italian buttercream and sprinkled with dark and white chocolate bits. A chocolate lover's dream! Mini versions also available. These cupcakes contain nuts!!
Mini raspberry mascarpone sponge cake, a taste sensation!
Bite size Tiramisu' from a secret family recipe. For these hot summer days serve it straight from the fridge to make it even more special!
The cakes can be mixed and matched with ones from previous entries or i would be happy to do a tray of just one type if you don't want anyone missing out! Perfect for office parties, product launches and birthdays!! Prices on request.


A cross between a Brownie and a Cookie these delicious treats are inspired by the American baking culture that has taken over my hometown London. They have a hard top but are chewy inside. Made with chocolate and pecans ( ingredients can be slightly altered if you would prefer) you won't be able to stop after just one. A great afternoon snack! Why not buy some for the office to brighten up a dull day.
The Brookies come packaged in jars with vintage Kimono fabric as a cover making them perfect for a gift or in more traditional Italian packaging of cellophane and ribbon.

For every sweet toothed person you know this is the perfect gift when you want something original to give! Let me know how many Brookies you would like and if you prefer them to be bite sized or more similar to the size of a brownie (like the ones pictured). Freshly baked they are delicious but will keep up to 5 days with the flavour becoming more caramelly as time goes on. Highly addictive delicious treats! Price on request.

Mini Limoncello Birthday Bites

My Great Aunt's special sponge recipe bathed in Limoncello with a mascarpone strawberry cream between the three layers and on top. A typical Italian summer birthday cake which can also be served at the end of a warm summer's evening meal or for dessert at a BBQ. The bite size portions make it easy to hand out and eat without worrying about finding a cake knife and plates! Perfect as canapes too.

Blowing out the candles...only 3, didn't want to make him feel bad.

Everyone waiting patiently for a bit of cake after several bottles of champagne.

Great with an ice cold glass of Limoncello to bring out the flavours in the cake or just a glass of Prosecco! Also available as a Layer cake or traditional round sponge. I am more than happy to make a version without alcohol if preferred. Prices on request.

Box of Treats

Sundays in Italy and Spain usually revolve around a large lunch with all the family. Someone always brings dessert - a box of small treats that everyone fights over and often ends up only being allowed a small piece of each cake so that everyone gets to try the selection! Photographed are mini chocolate ricotta cakes, mini french meringues and mini orange ricotta cakes. More selections available.